Clearwater Kennel Club

July 15, 2000

Judge: Mr. Bryan Meyer

Best of Breed:  Ch.Warlord's Secret Agent Man
Best of Opp.Sex and Winners Bitch: Warlord's Raven Hawk 
Winners Dog and Best of Winners:  Oaklane I'm Nobody's Fool









Best of Breed : Ch.Warlord's Secret Agent Man (Magnum)









Winners Dog class (Middle Dog was winners dog and best of winners - Oaklane I'm Nobody's Fool






Could that possibly be food ??










Oaklane's 'Lucy"  ..BEST IN SHOW veteran!!! We are all so proud of Lucy.







Wilamina in Puppy class with friend Maureen Cox.









Ummmm.. those nose kisses taste good.











Sweet William Beasley .. 1st show!








Sam - looking for food.








Magum - Ahhhh..a little lower and to the left please.







Waiting for their turn







I am sooooo tired!






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