Florida Association of Mastiff Exhibitors

Greater Ocala  Kennel Club
November 17th, 2001
Ocala, Florida

What a great day we had! Mr.Enrique Filippini judged an entry of 27 Mastiffs. 
We had many people from all over gather together for a full day of fun and food. WE had CGC testing, a reproductive seminal, a PRA-DNA clinic, a bake sale, an auction, and a really big spread of good food and comradary. We raised approximately $5000 dollars for Mastiff Rescue.

Tom and Laura start off the bidding on some double fudge brownies.  This one of a kind Glass etching brought a high price for Rescue. 
Tom's daughter displays a cranberry cheese cake ..mmmmmmm Dana keeping track of the bidding..
Barbara Simmons keeps the bidding up! Tom can really sell those cakes.
Our chiefs, Keith and Mike, did a great job of grilling. Randy and Sandy enjoying some goodies.
Lots of food for everyone.  This little doll has her dog under complete controll ..junior handler coming up. 
Mr.Filippini carefully checking.  Do I see an out-of-towner or two here? 
Winners Bitch - "Be sure and see that number!" "The plan was I was supposed to get that...oopps"

What a through exam. First the teeth, then the other end.. ?? 
What is he doing back there??? (Nikki and Carley)

Sandy prepares for her show dip.. Susan and Coaty get ready for tomorrows win. (winners dog on Sunday)
Sue shows off Harley, Maria sails by in the background with Agent to take BOB.  Max - finished his Championship today.
Randy can't wait to call home with the good news! Cool Coat, personal chauffer..am I spoiled??

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