Florida Association of Mastiff Exhibitors

Lake Eustis Kennel Club
November 17th, 2000
Ocala, Florida

This was our first FAME Mastiff Bash..and we sure did have a fun  time! Pictured here is our judge for the day, Catherine (Cat) Angus. Cat had a lot of really nice dogs to judge and she did a good job!! We had an auction and a bake sale (We raised $3,194.50 for mastiff Rescue) and had a great time doing it!  Dr.Leigh McBride gave a wonderful seminar on reproduction in the Mastiff, Nicki Camerra gave a great seminar about training, Suzie Mears gave a demonstration on Therapy dogs work, and we also had CERF and Heart clinics.. We got to know each other a lot better and introduced a lot of new people to our wonderful breed, showing them exactly how much fun a dog show can really be.
Suzie Mears with her therapy dog, Bo. All the way from Chicago!!!


Robin and Tom having a ball with the cake sale! Yes, Robin got more for her cake then Tom.. a German Chocolate layer cake..mmmmmmmm

Dana making her cake pitch!!

Maria gets a special hug from Tom Rose.


Some of the anxious cake bidders!

Suzie contemplates a higher bid..

Vicki Hix - always has her wonderful smile for everyone!
Robin and Linda discussing handling.. Ahh..the evil Rubin emerges..

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