CH.Pallones Diamond in the Ruff    

           Watch me grow!!             
Ruff in month number six thru twenty-four -
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Ruff at six months

Ruff at eight months. Ruff at eight months..

Ruff at nine months -        

 Mom is   always  chasing me out 
 of her bushes, 
 but I sure do love  to go  there. 

  That is mud on  my nose. 
  You should see the  Driveway! 



Ruff  on his 1st birthday, July 6th, 2001.  (Above)

Ruff at 15 months (above)

Perfect scizzors bite!  Winning a four point major Dec 1st, 2001

3/23/2002 - Winners Dog, 2 points.
 20 Months old. 

Just turned two.. time for a new page! 

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