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Ruff in month number three thru five!

Last updated: 04/26/2013

Ruff is such a sweetie! Ruff and Sam sharing a toy.
Ruff and Wilamina sharing a toy. Ruff thinking of sharing with Sam..Sam thinking of how good life is!

Ruff at four months - stalking lizards!

The swimming pool is getting smaller.. Four months and growing
Ruff as a Therapy Dog at three months old. Here he is snoozing up to a lovely lady in the nursing home.  Four and a half months old.. really getting his legs now. Actual weight - 81 lbs. 
This is the age where they like to hang their weinies out..Ruff is no exception!  Best friends forever - Ruff and Wilamina
Ruff -  five months old at a match. He went Best Junior Mastiff Puppy and took a Group 1.  I gave him a bath the same afternoon and he was so tired he could hardly stand up. 
Maureen really tried, but.. Going, Going.... Gone!!

Almost six months.


Looking to the future..wonder what the next six months will bring? These pictures taken New Years Day, 2001! 

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