Litter born June 28, 2004
2 girls and 5 boys

Updated 04/26/2013

Four Months old

Biggen Mo Betta ( AKA Rumble)  at four months - what a hunk!

Waay Mo Betta at four months

Ibe Soo Mo Betta at four months

Ibe showing just how long, 
lanky and gawky a mastiff puppy can be! 

The fence is over four feet tall.. 

and I think her nose and ears are at least two feet! hahahah

Waay Mo (on right) is actually about an inch taller than Ibe at this point, although she appears lankier. They turn five months old next week.. it is so much fun 
raising these two kids. 

Ibe Soo Mo Betta at 5.5 months - first stacking lesson with Maria Devier

Waay Mo Betta at 5.5 months 

WaayMo, Ibe and Rumble

Christmas pictures were fun and challenging to take.  Puppies one, Linda zero. 

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