(Bones and Raw Food)

About two years ago we switched our dogs over to all natural diet where we control the ingredients our dogs consume, not the dog food companies.

This diet and way of feeding is taking the dog community by storm, and anyone who feeds it can tell you why. Simply put, the benefits I personally have seen are:

 No more allergies.. no hives, no hot spots
 Shiny, healthy coat with less shedding
 Clean white teeth, no bad breath
  Better resistance to disease
  Smaller stool volume, no smell!
  More muscle and less fat
  Excellent bone and muscle development on puppies
  Ears that stay clean
  No finicky eaters!!

If you are considering feeding this all natural diet I suggest you join the
BARF mailing list at  You will learn so much and have fun sharing your experiences with others.

Here is the link to the BARF FAQ that tells it all..go there!!  BARF F.A.Q.

Suggested Reading:

    The Ultimate Diet ..Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats by Kymythy Schultze
       (My favorite book ever)

   Give Your Dog A Bone by Dr. Ian Billinghurst
   Grow Your Pups With Bones by Dr. Ian Billinghurst

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