1998 Mare - "Vicky"

Horse11.jpg (233617 bytes)                                       CONCLUSIVE
                                MR CONCLUSION
                                                  MISS AMBER CHARGE
                                                 ME EAGLE
                                SIERRA BABE
                                                 LADS SUSIE STAR

                                                 WIN OR LOSE
                                 THE STRUTTER
                                                 PAMELA BOSS

               THE SILK STRUTTER
                                                 BIT OF A DUDE
                                 MY DADDY'S A DUDE
                                                 BARBARIANS CHICK
VICKY2.jpg (139692 bytes)

Vicky at six months.

VICKY03.jpg (250108 bytes)

     Vicky enjoying the lake..I don't think puddles
      will be a problem!
vicky08.jpg (489024 bytes)








Vicky at 11 months with friend Maureen.



Vicky at 24 months. You see why I usually get Maureen to hold her? This is the end I get!!

Here is Vicky at 5 years old with her first born child (by Perfect Execution).at 1 week old. She is being an excellent mother and is very proud her her new baby!  2003

Here is the filly at just 8 hours old. 

Here we are at six weeks.