1992 Mare   "Silk"

The Silk Strutter was our first foal. We dreamed of a beautiful black filly with a big white star on her head. The odds of that were pretty slim but while you are wishing, you might as well wish big. 

When Silk was born I couldn't believe my eyes! Needless to say she was a keeper, and she has been a wonderful horse for us.. gentle and kind and so very sweet. She gives us beautiful babies that have won the Georgia Lunge Line and placed very high at the Congress.  (5th !)  She has truly been a blessing and we will keep her forever. 


                                                MR BAR NONE
                                WIN OR LOSE
                                                  LADY LEO
              THE STRUTTER
                                                 MR BOSS
                                PAMELA BOSS
                                                 LACY LOU

                                                 OLE BITS MAN
                                 BIT OF A DUDE
                                                 JANIE JAQUETA

               MY DADDY'S A DUDE
                                                 MY BARBARIAN
                                 BARBARIANS CHICK
                                                 CHIQUITA GLO

Sire: The Strutter AQHA Champion
Superior Halter Horse
Superior Western Pleasure Horse


Dam: My Daddy's A Dude, Western Pleasure points. By  Bit Of A Dude,( AQHA Champion, Superior Heeling Horse). 

horse03.jpg (8497 bytes)

Silk when she was one week old.. she was a cutie. 

silk03.jpg (168212 bytes)


Silk laughing at me!  She had a beautiful foal just a few hours after this picture was taken.

silk04.jpg (432645 bytes)

Silk as a two year old in snaffel bit class.


Silk at eight years old.

Foals out of The Silk Strutter:

1997 - Zippin and Struttin, by Don't Skip Zip  ( by Zippo Pine Bar) A beautiful dark sorrel colt.
   *** Won the Georgia Quarter Horse Futurity Yearling  Longe Line (Open)

1998 - Victory Strutt, by Maximum Conclusion  (by Mr. Conclusion).
         A beautiful Black filly.. we are really enjoying "Vicky". She is so friendly and easy 
        to work with. She has a long neck and a pretty head. Loves people, just like her mama.

1999 - Zips Smooth Move -  Another beautiful colt by Don't Skip Zip. Wonderful neck and head. 
          Super hocks - lope to die for. (Sold) Went 5th at the 2000 Congress in Open 
          and 8th in Amateur in Yearling Longe Line (in a Class of 65) 

2000-  One Struttin Zippo - by  Don't Skip Zip. Born April 21, 2000. 




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