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NorthFloridaWLSSupport's moderator lives in a Jacksonville, Florida suburb
however, we have members south to Daytona Beach, west to Panama City, FL and
north to Brunswick, GA.


Because we cover so many cities, we rotate our meetings around the northeast area of the state. Our members volunteer to hostess our meetings or a member volunteer arranges for us to meet at a restaurant. We have speakers on occasion (depending on how many members will be attending). We meet the
third Saturday of each month in the afternoon. We also have a fancy dress Xmas Party each year.

I am an RN and I provide some of the speaking depending on topics requested
or suggested. We have a monthly clothing exchange and our meetings often
include a low fat, low crab, no sugar meal with everyone bringing a dish and
a recipe.
Kristin Ritter


Dr. Barry Haicken has a support meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10-12noon with an optional extra hour (until 1).  It's held at Morton Plant Mease Hospital in Clearwater, FL.  It's on the 1st floor Tuttle room.  Although most people are patients of Dr. Barry Haicken, there have been people with different types of WLS and different dr's, that have attended, so it's open to all.  It's extremely fun and informative.  It's mostly post-ops presenting their stories---and addressing any questions from anyone. 

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