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Stud Service Contract
revised 12/25/2006


 Owners: Linda Greeson

 Registration #:  WS15540611

 Address:  PO Box 609, Fruitland Park, FL 34731-0609  

Call Name of Bitch: ______________________________________________

Registered Name   of Bitch:  ________________________________________

Registration #: _____________________________  Date of Birth: __________

Bitch's sire name and number_______________________________________


Bitch's Dam name and number: ______________________________________


Owner Name:  ____________________________________________________

  Address: ________________________________________________________


  Phone/ Email : ___________________________________________________  


1.     Owner of bitch is responsible for all costs incurred for collection of stud,
progesterone level tests, shipping expenses and insemination. When
using frozen semen bitch owner is responsible for all charges connected
with releasing, processing and shipping the semen.  

      It is the breeder's responsibility to do any and all required testing to 
assure the correct target date for breeding. 
Frozen semen is to be used for surgical implants only.

Please provide your payment information for breeding expenses 
and shipping to: (Credit card info)

      Dr Leigh McBride 
Sumter County Animal Hospital, 
527 S Main Street, Wildwood, FL 34785  
Fax:  352-748-6964


2.      The Stud Fee for this dog is $800.  A non-refundable deposit of 
$200 is required at the time of breeding.
This deposit will be applied 
towards the stud fee if the breeding is successful. The balance of the 
stud fee ($600),  as outlined below, is payable upon sale of first
puppy or when the litter becomes nine weeks old, whichever occurs first.  

      One live puppy whelped constitutes a litter. **
    **If only one puppy is whelped the stud fee will be $400 
      (1/2 of normal stud fee).
If two or more live puppies are whelped the stud fee is payable in full.

3.   Stud owner is not obligated to sign litter registration application 
until stud fee is paid in full.

                                      Initial: ____________________

4.     Bitch owner must supply a copy of the bitch’s AKC registration papers and
Stud owner must receive this copy of AKC registration papers before
breeding or sperm collection.

5.      Bitch owner will not transfer ownership of any pup resulting from this 
breeding to any person or organization whose intent it is to resell,
trade or give away the puppy or use it in laboratory experiments.

6.   Bitch owner agrees to have the puppies examined by a veterinarian,
vaccinated, and dewormed prior to placement with new owners. 

7.   Upon signing this agreement I acknowledge that I am the owner or
lessee of this bitch and have the legal right to breed her.


Bitch owner’s signatures: __________________________________________  



Print names: _____________________________________________________



Stud dog owner: ___________________________________________________  
                         Linda Greeson


Date of Contract: ____________________________________

  Date of Breeding: _______________  Location: ___________________________

  Expected Due Date: __________________________________  

Stud Dog:

Born Nov. 29, 2005.

Eyes - PRA N/N by parentage
Hips -
Prelims pending
Elbows -
Prelims pending
Cardiac - pending (normal)
Patellas - pending (normal)
Thyroid - pending (normal)

DNA pending

 All breedings and collections done in Florida are done at the office of 
Dr Leigh McBride 
  Sumter County Animal Hospital, 
  527 S Main Street, Wildwood, FL 34785  

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