Booklets by Linda Greeson.

No fancy pictures but Tons of information. These booklets are only $1.00 each, Plus $5 flat rate shipping. (Any amount of Booklets) To order please send check or money order to Greeson's Baby Parrots, Department GSS, PO Box 609, Fruitland Park, FL. 34731-0609. To print an order form, please click here.    

Breeding African Grey Parrots .. Here are the complete details of how we breed our African Greys. Information on diets, caging, nestboxes, management and lots of ideas that have really worked well for us.

The Ravishing Ringnecks .. The most complete information ever put together on Indian Ringnecks. History, breeding, management, diet, mutations, pet ownership and more.

The Charming Little Quaker .. All about this popular little parrot. Subspecies, mutations, diet, breeding, why they are so well liked. Information that is not found in any book.

Parrot Personalities .. Every parrot species has a unique personality. Here are the details of how they are all so different. Knowledge that will help you relate to your parrot by understanding what makes him tick. Find out which parrot has the right personality for you.

Cages .. Buy the right cage for your bird the first time. Really practical information on how to select the proper cage for different species, with lots of ideas you may never have thought of. Detailed instructions on how to make a totally unique breeding cage, suitable for parakeets to amazons.

Handfeeding Baby Birds Made Easy .. Easy to understand information to assist you with handfeeding your baby bird. Practical ideas you can use. Easy to make formulas that produce nice healthy babies.

All About Nestboxes .. The nesting habits of birds in the wild related to which nestboxes work the best in domestic breeding. The nesting requirements of many different species, with ideas that will help you breed more successfully. Detailed information on many different types of nestboxes.

All About Cockatiels .. Complete information about Cockatiels including diet, cages, pet ownership, breeding, mutations, genetics, how to sex babies, history, showing and much more.

All About Sun Conures .. Complete information on these beautiful little conures. History, diet, pet ownership, breeding, cages and much more.

Bird Breeding Basics .. Loaded with information on breeding birds. Pets, planning, choosing stock, cages, nestboxes, diets, breeding contracts, etc.


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