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"Why should I show?" is one of the most commonly asked questions of cockatiel breeders. Breeders who do not show their birds often do not understand the importance of showing.

The exhibition and showing of cockatiels has a tremendous influence on the future of the species. Bird shows are the place where knowledgeable judges give their expert opinion on which birds are the very best of a group. Explanations are given about the decisions and much knowledge is acquired and exchanged between breeders.

Anyone breeding cockatiels owes it to the species to breed the best birds that he can. The best place to learn how to do that is at a bird show. The Cockatiel standard of perfection, on which the judging of our birds is based, was carefully and thoughtfully written by a group of interested, knowledgeable people, with the interest of the improvement of the cockatiel in mind. Comparing your birds against other birds and the standard is the only true way to evaluate your birds honestly.

Bird shows also happen to be a lot of fun! Where else can you find such a mix of cockatiel lovers? Breeders exchange information on successful breeding diets and management, what works and what doesn't. Marketing, a necessary part of any breeding operation, is always a topic of discussion. The latest new mutations are always described and often displayed. New breeders learn from the old breeders and old breeders learn new ideas. Pet lovers are always excited to see all the beautiful mutations they have only read about.

If you are breeding cockatiels "just for the pet trade" remember that we all owe our customers the prettiest, healthiest, soundest cockatiels we can produce. Bird shows are the best place to learn how to improve your stock. Every show attended gives new ideas to breeders and new challenges to produce better and better birds.

Show your birds.. you owe it to them.


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