Sire: Dominate Clu (World Champion, Congress Grand Champion)
Dam: Unanimiously A Lady (Hint of Conclusion grandaughter)

Born Jan. 9th, 2001   Birth weight 103 lbs.

"Destiny" has a very special meaning for this filly. She came into this world trapped in her detached placenta (called "red bag") but  because of the swift actions of my friend and trainer, Dennis Haberstroh, has had a chance at life. Dennis tore the placenta as it was presented and then gave this baby girl ten minutes of intensive CPR until she took her first breath. LInda Gailbreath, DVM, arrived very quickly on the scene and gave Destiny an even better chance at life by giving her necessary life support to help her stay alive. I don't understand exactly what she did, but there were tubes and catheters and shots all over the was very intense. After getting her relatively stable Dennis (with me along for moral support) transported her to Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital. 

The neo natal unit at this hospital is unbelievable - staff was there at 1 AM to greet us and Destiny was rushed into her stall where she was given very aggressive life support  care. There were veterinarians and technicians swarming around her constantly.. By 6 AM her prognosis for life was extremely poor. She was too weak to even hold her head up. We all prayed. Dennis said if she lives we have to call her Destiny. 

Carol Clark,DVM,  chief attending veterinarian for Destiny is a wonderful vet and not one to give up on life easily. She spent many hours with her and with her expertise has  not only kept Destiny alive but right now at four days of age she is pretty much out of the woods! On Friday, Jan. 12th, she stood up for the first time , unassisted, and actually took her first steps - outside into the sunshine.  She has not yet been strong enough to stand and nurse, but at least she has the standing part conquered. She is nursing from a bottle, but has to be tube fed for part of her meal until her strength improves. She is improving on a daily basis and we have high hopes at this time for her survival and hopefully her show career. She is beautiful.

Special thanks to Destiny's life support system:

  Dennis Haberstroh, professional trainer and handler
  Linda Gailbreath, DVM - attending veterinarian
  Carol Clark, DVM and the staff at Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital  

This is Destiny the very first time she 
stood up unassisted.  She stood and walked a few steps.  Not exactly graceful but an absolute miracle! 


Jan 29th, 2001..Destiny comes home.  All of her blood profiles are normal 
and she is doing well. Rosie, her dam, colicked at ten days and had to have surgury. A major setback but we seem to be finally progressing OK now. She is up to 121 lbs. 
As you can see she is very much alive. She is pictured with one of her loving techs that has been caring for her for the past three weeks. 




Destiny did not make it.. she appeared to be doing very well and our hopes for her survival were very high. She has massive grand mall seizures today and her fight for life ended. We are so saddened by her departure and we will always remember her. She was an exceptional baby and was so very sweet. I wish I could have seen her grow up. 


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